What is Ride4Rotary

Ride 4 Rotary, Supporting Youth at Risk in the Illawara, is a great annual ride event that is easy, fun and does great things for our local youth in need.

Our target in 2017 is $25,000 with the benefits raised going to Southern Youth and Family Sevices.

As volunteers we ensure all your donations go to the charity.

Please consider making Ride 4 Rotary, Supporting Youth at Risk in the Illawarra one of your must do events each year. With your support we can make this annual event bigger and better each year for the benefit of local youth.


Registering with the site enables us to ensure proper, and safe, use of our site.

Once registered, you can continue to use that registration for future rides.

To Register, simply click on the "Register" tab, enter your details and save.

You can amend registration profile details (Except your username) at any time

How to Enter

To participate in the event you must register. Riders from previous years simply need to login to the site and accept the terms and conditions.

Click the "Buy Tickets" tab, that will be visible once you have logged in, and select your ticket(s) in you desired timeslot.

Proceed to pay via paypal/credit card

You will receive emails updating your progress and a receipt will be provided.

If you check these emails you will have the tools to build your sponsor campaign by sending a message and links via your preferred method (email, facebook, linkedin etc).

Should you have any problems contact Stephen on 0488 797922

How to Sponsor

Each registered rider has their own Sponsorship page

Click the "Rider/Sponsor" tab, select the Name of the person you wish to support which will take you to their Sponsorship page

Complete the details and click the "donate" button.

How to use Social Media Buttons

On the Home Page,  News items and the Sponsorship page there are Social Media icons.

Using the facebook icons on the Home Page and News items, a photo and short excerpt is created that will be sent to your Facebook page

On the sponsorship page, clicking the email icon creates an email with a basic message (that you can change), but more importantly the link to your Sponsorship page. By sending this email to potential Sponsors they will return to your page by clicking on this link

On the Sponsorship page, the facebook link creates a post on yout facebook page that includes a Ride4Rotary image and exerpt. From facebook, clicking on this post will return readers to your supporter page.

What will you do with my contact details

Your contact details WILL NOT be given to any other sources.
We will use to your email address to provide a couple of update newsletters running up to the event.
On the day we will use your mobile number to send an sms if there are any organisational changes on the day. Weather issues would be the most likely need for this.

Photos on the day will be used in social media and perhaps on the website for next year's ride.
No names will be included unless specifically approved by the individual. If you don't want your photo used simply tell us and we will ensure that you do not appear in photos.

Is the velodrome hard to ride

The velodrome at Unanderra is very easy to ride on. There is some banking on the turns but they still feel like you are riding on the flat.
Those who were worried before last years ride, ALL said it was easy - nothing to worry about

I am a road rider so why go to the velodrome to ride

There are 2 very good reasons to include Ride 4 Rotary at the velodrome in your riding plans

1) You are primarily supporting Youth at Risk in the Illawarra through an event that hands over all the donations to the charity. This year it is Southern Youth and Family Services.

2) It makes for a good ride to plan your road ride via the velodrome which may mean ride to the velodrome, ride around for 30 minutes and then continue your road trip. Last year we had riders do this and quite a few enjoyed the coffee, food and atmosphere they stayed longer and enjoyed themselves immensely.

So in a nutshell - you will help our youth and have fun also

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