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Last year we had a ‘fairy’ help raise money for the Kids at Risk in the Illawarra. This year the ‘fairy’ may be back.
If you are looking for some ideas on how to raise money then this may be one. (extracted from an email that has been sent out by Vince to his supporters)

“Hi All,
Ride 4 Rotary is back again – which means I need your help.
Last year was a great success, where I raised over $500 – receiving nicknames such as Stinkerbell and Tinkerbuff!
This year I will be using the same method – I AM WILLING TO BE OUTFITTED BY THE HIGHEST DONATOR!”

You may even feel inspired to dress Vince yourself. You can go to his donation page from here:

Rider List

Better still challenge yourself to raise money

Good Luck

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