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It is Fun, It is Easy, It Supports a Great Cause, it is

Ride 4 Rotary

Supporting Youth at Risk in the Illawarra

Sunday May 20 2018

Unanderra Velodrome – It is very easy to ride on the velodrome.

Princes Highway just north of Farmborough Road


The proceeds raised will be going to Southern Youth and Family Services. SYFS do a fantastic job of helping disaffected youth get back on track, find employment and develop skills for life.

Hi everyone, my name is Stephen Knightley, Event Coordinator and thank you for joining us.

If you have ridden with us before then we welcome you back and say thanks for your ongoing support. This is one of the best ways to ensure your giving gets where you want it to go to. Simply re register your name (tick the Terms and Conditions box after reading). Then you can then select your time slot and buy your ride ticket.

If this is your first time supporting this event then we welcome you and suggest reading the information below as an outline of what the Ride 4 Rotary, Supporting Youth at Risk is all about. You can help by joining the ride or by sponsoring/donating to a rider or the event (Anon in the riders list)

Registration is $25 and then, if you wish you can raise rider sponsorship donations.

As volunteers we ensure ALL your sponsorship donations go to the charity and DO NOT siphon off 50% or more in administration costs

Consider forming a team or inviting friends and colleagues to join or support you.

If you do not want to ride you can still support our youth in need by sponsoring the event or a specific rider – just select them from the list and donate.

So why not come along and ride, relax and enjoy great coffee and a feed. You can ride and go, or you can hang around and relax enjoying more great coffee, food, the music, a chat and a laugh.

The ride is great fun and open to all standards of roadworthy bikes and riders. We will ask that children be accompanied by a parent or responsible carer. Competitive riders who wish to challenge themselves should choose to ride in the earlier sessions.

If you’re a seasoned road rider why not pop in on your Sunday morning ride, do a few laps and then head back out onto your road trip? Our local youth will thank you.

When you register you will be asked to set up a log in account with your email address. Once created you then login too your personal page, select your 30 minute ride session between 8 am and 4pm and then by your ticket,  . You will now receive your ticket, and supporting information by email.

Next, should you wish to create a fundraising campaign you will receive the tools to run it.

As this is a new annual event, we have a goal of $25,000 in 2017. Our plan is to be raising $70,000+ annually in a few years when more established.

Why not Make Ride 4 Rotary one of your “Must Do Events” of the year.  Maybe consider making a team with work colleagues or family and friends.

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