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Rider: Tim
Team: SYFS Riders
I work for SYFS, so know that the money raised will be going to the right place. Please consider supporting me and the organisation using the form below. Thank you
Olimometer 2.52

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Rob Fox $50 Good luck
Lisa Bolt $20 Good Luck!!
Frank P $20 Go Tim!
Jennifer Hill $100
Dennis Mcilwain $20 Go Timmy!!
Jacqui & Rick Cope & Towers $100 Best wishes Tim.
Anna Zalunardo $100 Good luck with the ride, Tim. Zal and I are very impressed with the effort you are making to improve the lives of vulnerable young people. SYFS is lucky to have you on their team. Keep up the good work!
Senil Yurugor $50 Good on you Tim!!
Sue Cowell $75 Good on you Tim, Sue & Geoff
Ben & Noreen Cope $10 Ride like the wind Tim
Marion Richardson $30 Great work!
Colin Cope $20 Good on you
SUSAN GEORGE $20 Good luck Tim
Pam Towers $10 Good luck Tim
Eileen Gibson $20
Eleonore Johansson $10 Good luck Tim!!
Jack Donovan $10
Liam Towers $20

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