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Rider: Kiley
Team: SYFS Riders
I haven’t ridden a bike in ages, god help me!
Olimometer 2.52

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Ann Martin $50 Go Kiley
Stephen Martin $100 Go you good thing.
Helen Fittler $20
Paulette Frost $20 Go hard or go home
Paul Scully $100 Best of luck!!
Llewelyn Hinder $20 Good Luck!
Jolanda Divo $20 a dollar a lap 20 laps
carol martin $50 you can do it
Narelle Clay $50 go kiley! Thanks for your support.
Jenelle Rimmer $50 Go Kiley!!
Tim Coombs $100 Can you ride?
Liz Gristwood $20 You go girl!
Kim Okeeffe $50 U go girl
George Kerrigan $50 Lycra – this will be fun!
Leighanne Hunt $20 Don’t flick the jockey off the horse!
Chelsea Southgate $20 Have fun
Michelle Lasia $10 Go Kiley and good luck 🙂 enjoy Monday in bed haha
Phillip Borg $50 Woot Woot!
Susan Kaplan $50
Jillian Blight $20 Hope you stayed on the bike
Trident Matatahi $20.05

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