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Rider: David
Team: Sunrise
I am riding in the Ride4Rotary event and looking to earn sponsorship dollars for SYFS. Please consider supporting me by donating using the form below. Thank you
Olimometer 2.52

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Swan & Co Swan $250
David George $20 240 laps please
Adrian Yates $100 Ride safe
John Pearman $100 Well done mate
Paul Mack $20 ride like the wind Bullseye
chris barber $100 good luck
Robert Salmon P/L Salmon $100 Swanny the swift rides again, best of luck
Diana Foye $250 I want to see Lycra!!
Brian & Robyn Ashe $100 Brian & Robyn Ashe
Stephen Swan $20 Will there be any drug testing?
Foye Legal Foye $250 We’re with you every pedal rotation of the way 😉
Wyn Janssen $50 On your bike Dave!!!
Rob Edwards $50 Go well. Would give more but for putting my hand out regularly for my charity. Sorry can’t be there on the day to cheer you on.
Rhys Gray $100

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